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How your struggles today can make you a better version of yourself tomorrow ?

I want to start today's blog with a story. A story of a man and a butterfly.

"Once a man who was a avid gardener saw a cocoon in his garden. He noticed a small opening inside the cocoon and it was moving a little bit. He sat down there to watch the cocoon from which a butterfly was trying to come out. The butterfly was trying to come out from several hours. He sat there and waited patiently. It was struggling to come out through the tiny opening of the cocoon but was failing at it and there was no progress. It looked liked it was stuck. Then suddenly the shaking of the cocoon stopped. He though may be the butterfly was not able to come out and he should help. So he brought a pair of scissors and snipped the rest of the cocoon. Whoo! The butterfly popped out. It had a swollen body when it came out. The head was bigger and wings were small. Nevertheless the man waited for the wings to grow and for the butterfly to fly. But you know what, it never happened!"

What ?? You might be thinking what was the problem?

The problem was that the struggle that it was going through was necessary for it to break out of the egg. It helps the larvae to send blood to its wings and the head push helps the head to remain small so that the tender wings can support it thru its 4 week life cycle.

So long story short, the struggle that it was going through was necessary for it to fly, by escaping the struggle the butterfly could not develop the right strength to carry on in life.

The same lesson goes with our life. The struggles that we go through are the best part of our life because they transform us in to a better being. You are who you are because of the struggles that you had.

Embrace them! Learn from them! Let them be a tool to help you succeed!

But another important side of this I want to mention is that most of the people give up when they are struggling. Struggles can make you better only when you learn and improve from them. If you give up, you would be in that comfortable cocoon and never grow. Imagine the butterfly would have stopped struggling to come out. Would it be able to fly and see the beautiful world outside? NO right!

Most of us take the easy way out and try to avoid the struggles because that is what we are wired for. Our body always want to be in a state of homeostasis where it is at all times in equilibrium with the environment. But when you make that decision you are making a decision to never grow yourself. Great people had there share of struggles. Look at anyone to mention a few :

1. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos struggled to keep his company alive during .com crisis but he never gave up. Instead that made him stronger to make his company a billion $ venture.

2. All of us are familiar with Elon Musk , the founder of Tesla and Space-Ex. He also struggled to make his first successful launch of his rocket in space and could have gone bankrupt and lost all his savings if the last launch of the rocket would have failed. But he never gave up and today NASA is partnering with Space-X for their launches and it is a billion $ venture.

I can go on about countless others like Thomas Edison, who was once asked why you did not stop after so many failed attempts ? He politely answered because each failed attempt got me more closer to my invention, each failed attempt was an indication of what was not working and hence I eliminated all those options that did not work and ultimately arrived at what worked.

So the point is had he given up in his 900th attempt or any one of his attempts we might not be seeing bulbs today. Struggles make you powerful!

The same goes for your UPSC preparations. Not having succeeded in one attempt is an indication that you are on right track. You have eliminated that strategy which did not work. Struggling to clear it is just an indication that you are not yet ready for being a civil servant like that cocoon. This is because once you become a civil servant you have to go through lot of stress, on job thinking, a lot of training sessions take place and you have to grab that all. You will have to deal with public patiently understand their problems and come up with good solutions to be implemented. You have to deal with politicians and work as a team to make administration easy and effective. UPSC tests you for these qualities until that develops you are not ready for being a civil servant. These qualities develop only in your preparation. People who give up after failing let say 4th or 5th attempt do not have qualities of being a civil servant because they gave up before trying their 100 %. You don't have to be one of them.

Remember the battle is not lost until you have given up. You lose only when you decide to quit. So if you want to win in life stop quitting! Become Extraordinary shine like a pole start and let others derive the inspiration and motivation from you! I wish you all the best and I know you all will struggle and rise to the top of your potential!

I hope I added some value to your life today and I would continue to do that always!

My friends, we at The Layman Way strive harder each day to make a difference in your life. What we need is just a little push to make us work even harder and impact more lives positively. This push comes to us from you all, who are our ambassadors. If at all we are adding any value to your preparation or your life, I have a favour to ask you. Spread the word for us so that we can reach out to more aspirants and leave us a review on Google Reviews help other aspirants to know that this is the place they need to be for learning more and enhancing their UPSC preparation. Help us make a difference and we shall together strive to help you ACE UPSC.

Have a wonderful day and make your goal to make someone else life better. I will see you in our next blog.


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