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How to improve your reading speed while studying ?

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go"

We all know how reading is so important for our personal life as well as for our dreams. We all know the wide syllabus UPSC presents to us and the limited time in which we need to cover everything in the syllabus. Having said that it's very important to develop a fast reading speed which not only would help you in covering the syllabus early but would also help you to revise more in a limited time. This week's blog talks just about that. I will share how you can develop a fast reading speed. Let's dive into it right away.

Steps you can take to increase the reading speed :

  1. Stop the Subvocalisation: It is extremely common among readers. We tend to speak the words in our head as we read, which slows down the reading speed. If you are seeking to increase your reading speed, this is the first thing you must learn to overcome. It's hard because we have been taught this since we were kids to repeat every word as we read. It will take constant everyday conscious practice. You do not need to say every word in your head in order to understand the material you are reading. Our mind is able to input the meaning from just seeing the words. Your brain still processes the information. What you can do if you are finding difficulty? Try reading with instrumental music playing in headphones or humming (hmmmmmm...) with your earphones so that it rings in your head and your head is distracted. A distraction will keep your brain, less focused on subvocalization, though you will still look at the words and process them.

  2. Read-only the main words: We have a tendency to read each and every letter in the line, which is not needed. Our mind is capable enough to fill in the spaces to complete the sentence. For example. Consider a sentence: "Our Mind is capable enough to fill in the spaces" now instead of reading the full sentence just glance through the words "Mind capable fill spaces". Your mind would automatically fill in the spaces.

  3. Remove all Distractions: When you are reading remove all distractions from the place Like your phone etc keep it on silent. Turn off your internet or social media and just concentrate on the book at hand.

  4. Focus Blocks: Set a timer for let say 30 minutes and focus completely on reading that topic with full focus by removing all distractions.

  5. Set a Goal: Set a clear target of how much you have to read in 30 minutes and strive to achieve it. When you complete it, treat yourself. Incentives are a great way to help you achieve anything!

  6. Practice reading daily: Read more and more as much as you can and try to develop the skills taught above. Practice makes a man perfect. Be consistent with the practice. Don't just do it one day and give up the next day because to achieve great things you need to have an attitude to never give up. Never ever give up on improving yourself because something is hard. Everything is hard in the starting and it eventually becomes easier as you move on. This attitude is what will differentiate you from others and help you succeed.

  7. Several Apps: There are several apps that can help you achieve faster reading like Spritz App and Readme! Try them if needed. If you liked our blog and want more such blogs on self-improvement. Do let us know by mailing us at If you want a podcast on self-improvement do let us know by mailing us at the above email id. Until next time I want you to improve yourself daily. A small step each day would change you a lot and make you a lot better a year later, So ACT right now! And my friends if we are adding any value to your preparation or your life would you mind doing few things for us? Spread the word for us and review us at Reviews help us to tell other students that this is the place they need to come to for learning and growing. Help us make a difference and we shall strive each day to add more value to your preparation. Thank you!

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