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9 points to keep in mind while writing essays for UPSC CSE!

  1. Don't go extreme: When topics are debatable like " whether Uniform Civil Code should be implemented or not? ", present both sides of the argument before taking a stand. Don't take extreme stands such as completely banning plastic use etc.

  2. Watch the tone: Do not reject the question statement straight away. Consider the above example " Whether Uniform Civil Code should be implemented or not? ". Don't start with saying yes it should be implemented and then go on justifying your point. Present both pros and cons and then say how implementing UCC can help.

  3. Make it multidimensional: Extend your discussion across various dimensions like political, social, economic etc. The more the dimensions covered the better it is.

  4. Emphasis on Language: Don't make grammatical and spelling errors. Such errors will cost you marks. Do not commit such fundamental mistakes.

  5. Flow and Coherence: Each line of the paragraph should be linked to the previous one. The transition between paragraphs should be smooth.

  6. Great Introduction: Into should be. engaging and generating interest. You can use anecdotes, Stories, Quotes etc for this purpose.

  7. Main body: Your main body should represent compelling arguments. Include a lot of examples, Reports, constitutional provisions etc to make your essay stand out.

  8. Analysis: Discuss the issues / Challenges and their causes and extend your discussion to various sectors and dimensions.

  9. Optimistic Conclusions: Write the main points you discussed, the solutions to the problems discussed in the essay and end on a rhetoric note.


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