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Master Economics in 7 days 📈

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In this challenge, you have to complete the full course of Economics in 7 days. After completing the course you will get a badge from us. In this 7 day process of mastering Economics, you will learn several important concepts for UPSC prelims listed below : Macro and Micro Economics Depression & Recession Mercantilism & Capitalism Economic growth & Economic Development Factors of Production Depreciation GDP & Methods – Expenditure, Income & Production Method Concepts of GNP, Factor Income, Depreciation, NNP, Factor cost, Market price etc. Basic prices v/s Market price GVA and relation between GVA and GDP National Income The personal & Disposable income Transfer payments National Disposable Income GDP deflator Inflation and indices – CPI & WPI Nominal v/s real interest rates Concept of CRR, SLR, Money Multiplier Demand and Time Deposits Narrow & Broad money Monetary Policy Concepts of Repo, Reverse repo, MSF, OMO etc. Quantitative v/s Qualitative Measures Concept of LTV, Selective credit control & Consumer credit control How Money supply controls Inflation & Deflation Priority sector lending Paradox of thrift Fiscal Policy Budget Revenue, Capital receipts and Expenditures Ricardian equivalence FRMB Act GST , Cess & Surcharge etc Balance Of Payment Balance of Trade Current and Capital accounts FDI & FYI Merits and Demerits of Flexible and Fixed Exchange Rate Systems & Tiffin's dilemma Balance of Payment


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